Maze Categories

There are six categories of mazes. Select a category below to get to the free mazes.

Simple Mazes

Our first category is Simple Mazes. These are extremely simple and are also designed as mazes for kids. They can be used as a learning tool or just as fun for children. Our Simple Mazes category has games with a 5 x 5 grid meaning there are five rows and five columns from which the puzzle is created.

Mazes For Kids

The second category is Mazes For Kids. All of the mazes here are made into different shapes like a heart, airplane, umbrella and many more. Also included are mazes shaped like numbers. All of the games in this category are considered easy to medium levels of difficulty. Enjoy your free mazes for kids.

Easy Mazes

The third category is Easy Mazes. These mazes are still pretty simple and may also be used as mazes for kids or just as an easy, quick puzzle for anyone. These are designed on a 25 x 25 grid.

Medium Mazes

The fourth category is our Medium Mazes. The category description says it all. The games here are not particularly simple, yet not considered hard. They are made on a 50 x 50 size grid.

Hard Mazes

The fifth category is our Hard Mazes. You will notice that the mazes are getting larger with the line areas getting smaller with more area to cover as you complete the maze. Our Hard Mazes are designed on a 75 x 75 grid. Good luck!

Crazy Mazes

The sixth and final category is by far the most difficult mazes on this site. We call this category Crazy Mazes. They are made on a 100 x 100 grid size. If you are brave enough or just a very good maze game player, then the Crazy Mazes might be for you. See if you've got what it takes to complete one of our Crazy Mazes.