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Mazes - Online Maze Games To Play or Print For Free

  Play any maze game online or print a maze absolutely free!  

All of our games are free to play online or to print for later use. Simply select any of our maze games categories, then select a maze link and start playing by holding down your mouse button to draw. If you make a mistake or want to start over, simply click the "Refresh Maze" button below the puzzle. To print, click the "Print This Maze" button. For more detailed instructions, please click the "How to Play Online" or "How to Print a Maze" link shown above. Enjoy your free online mazes!


Maze Categories

We have six categories of mazes. In every category except for the simple mazes, we provide the solutions. Below each of the maze games there will be a link labeled "Click Here For Maze Solution" which will open the solution to that particular puzzle in a new window or tab. Select a category below to access puzzle pages.

Mazes For Kids

Our first category is Mazes For Kids. All of the mazes here are made into different shapes like a heart, airplane, umbrella and many more. Also included are mazes shaped like numbers. All of the games in this category are considered easy to medium levels of difficulty. Enjoy your free mazes for kids.

Simple Mazes

The second category is Simple Mazes. These are extremely simple and are also designed as mazes for kids. They can be used as a learning tool or just as fun for children. Our Simple Mazes category has games with a five x five grid meaning there are five rows and five columns from which the puzzle is created.

Easy Mazes

The third category is Easy Mazes. These mazes are still pretty simple and may also be used as mazes for kids or just as an easy, quick puzzle for anyone. These are designed on a 25 x 25 grid.

Medium Mazes

The fourth category is our Medium Mazes. The category description says it all. The games here are not particularly simple, yet not considered hard. They are made on a 50 x 50 size grid.

Hard Mazes

The fifth category is our Hard Mazes. You will notice that the mazes are getting larger with the line areas getting smaller with more area to cover as you complete the maze. Our Hard Mazes are designed on a 75 x 75 grid. Good luck!

Crazy Mazes

The sixth and final category is by far the most difficult games on our web site. We call this category Crazy Mazes. They are made on a 100 x 100 grid size. If you are brave enough or just a very good maze game player, then the Crazy Mazes might be for you. See if you've got what it takes to complete one of our Crazy Mazes.


How To Play Our Mazes Online For Free

To play our mazes online, simply use your mouse to draw by holding down your left mouse button, then move the mouse in the direction that you want to draw to navigate your way through the puzzle. If you make a mistake or just want to start over, there is a button below each of our mazes labeled "Refresh Maze" which when clicked will erase any drawing you have done and will restart with a fresh puzzle with no markings.

All of our mazes are created with Adobe Flash. If you cannot see or draw on any of the mazes, or if you get some kind of error message when you view a maze page, you may need to download the latest Flash Player. This Flash Player is available for free from Look for the link on their web site which is labeled "Get Adobe Flash Player."


How To Print Our Mazes For Free

Below each of our maze games is a button which is labeled "Print This Maze." If you click this button, a new window or tab will open containing only the game that you were viewing. All of the other type, links, advertisements, etc. will not be showing on this new page. Also a printer dialog box will open showing your printer or printers. Simply select your printer, if it is not already selected, and click "print" to print your maze on your printer.

Important: You may have a button showing in the printer dialog box labeled "preferences." If you do, you can click this button to setup your printer. The mazes will print larger and centered on the sheet if you select the right orientation, for example, portrait or landscape. Some of our games are best printed in the portrait mode while others are best if the landscape mode is used. Below each puzzle is a line which states whether you should use portrait or landscape. It will print either way, but for best results, use the orientation stated below each of the maze games.

Also, another way to print your maze games and to also view a preview to see how it will print is to just close the printer dialog box. Then on the new window which shows the puzzle, select "File" from the menu at the top and then select "Print Preview." In this area you can also set up your printer.

Another thing that you may need to know is that your headers and footers may be on. If in the "Print Preview" area you see page numbers, file names, dates, etc. then your headers and footers will need to be turned off. To do this will depend on what type of browser you are using. For the latest versions of Internet Explorer, there should be a button which will allow you to turn the headers and footers on and off. If your browser does not show buttons to turn these on and off, you will need to go back up to the menu and select "File" again, but this time select "Page Setup." Look for headers and footers and remove the information showing in this area. This will remove the headers and footers. Some browsers may just have a button to click to select headers and footers.

If your games will not print centered on the sheet, you can experiment with the margins. This can be done in the "Page Setup" area as well. All of our maze games are designed for 3/4 inch or .75 margins on all sides of the sheet. If you increase the margin size at the top, your maze image will move closer to the bottom. This will work for the top and two sides also. Depending on what browser you are using, you may have to play around with the margins and orientation to achieve the results you want.

All of the instructions for printing your games is based on using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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