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Mazes For Kids

Play any maze game online or print any maze absolutely free!


Shown below are links to all of our Mazes For Kids category. These mazes are created in various shapes. Each shape has an easy maze game and a hard maze game. We also include mazes which are shaped as numbers. There are easy and hard mazes for each number as well.

All of the mazes in this category are very simple to medium difficulty and can be used as a learning tool for children. They also can just provide a fun activity for any maze gamer.

In this category of mazes, we provide the solutions. Below each maze game there is a link labeled "Click Here For Maze Solution" which will open the solution to that particular maze in a new window or tab.

All of our mazes for kids can be played online by simply using a mouse to draw directly on the screen. The mazes can also be printed on your printer for later use absolutely free. Enjoy your free mazes!


Links To Our Mazes For Kids


Airplane - Easy

Flying Saucer - Easy

Happy Face - Easy

Heart - Easy

Raindrop - Easy

Snowman - Easy

Splat - Easy

Splotch - Easy

Star - Easy

Triangle - Easy

Umbrella - Easy

Airplane - Hard

Flying Saucer - Hard

Happy Face - Hard

Heart - Hard

Raindrop - Hard

Snowman - Hard

Splat - Hard

Splotch - Hard

Star - Hard

Triangle - Hard

Umbrella - Hard


Number Zero - Easy

Number One - Easy

Number Two - Easy

Number Three - Easy

Number Four - Easy

Number Five - Easy

Number Six - Easy

Number Seven - Easy

Number Eight - Easy

Number Nine - Easy

Number Zero - Hard

Number One - Hard

Number Two - Hard

Number Three - Hard

Number Four - Hard

Number Five - Hard

Number Six - Hard

Number Seven - Hard

Number Eight - Hard

Number Nine - Hard

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